Bringing the fantastical down to earth.

It’s through my writing that I am becoming who I know I was meant to be. I have always seen the world in a different way. It’s best been described to me as coming at a subject from a completely unexpected angle. Whatever thoughts I am attempting to convey or whatever story I am seeking to tell, I try to tell it in a way no one has ever thought of before. I have always been intrigued with a more fantastical understanding of how the world works. I love putting fantastical concepts into realistic circumstances. Fallen angels going to back-alley abortion doctors to have their wings clipped. A superhero who acquired her powers as a result of being sexually assaulted. A girl living a solitary life during the apocalypse whose only comfort is the voices coming from the ashes of the victims she’s cremated. I call it fantastical humanity. As a citizen of my generation I feel very strongly about many social and political issues and I’ve found the best way for me to purge these beliefs out of my head is to try to tell their story in a new way. Something sneaky that has a twist at a certain point where the audience suddenly realizes the intent of the message. Science fiction and fantasy have always been favorite genres of mine. I feel that there is great power in portraying the strength and worth of human connection through what are traditionally considered inhuman characters and situations. While I seek to embrace writing for other mediums, I have thus far found theatre to be the best way to convey these stories as the emotions and intent are most impactful and present to the audience onstage.