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Larry 13:2

World Premiere at Cincinnati Fringe Festival in May & June 2017.

A blasphemous exploration into the power of choice. 
On a stormy night, a man who isn’t a doctor, waits in a hotel room that isn’t very nice, for a girl who isn’t what she seems. Her request may threaten his understanding of choice and alter his world for better or worse. By turns playful and blasphemous, the conversation builds to a decision that hinges on belief in oneself and humanity's ability to change. Larry, chapter 13, verse 2: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers…"

The Origin of Kick Jab Girl

Premiered as a workshop performance as a part of Fringe Development at Cincinnati Fringe Festival in May & June 2018.

Back in her childhood hometown, indestructible, super strong, superhero Kait Jones, formerly Kick Jab Girl, is settling into her retirement. Society’s eye has moved onto new super heroes and she would be living more or less undisturbed if not for one ardent fan pursuing the only untold story of our hero’s glory days. Her origin story. But when Kait weaves a tale dark and unexpected we are forced to confront our expectations of heroism, grief, and strength.

Archie & the Ashes

Premiere at Know Theatre of Cincinnati November 2016.

Archie, a strange young woman, has been exiled and abandoned in a dead city. She passes her time by reading, scavenging, and burning the bodies she finds as she transverses the wasteland. With jars full of ashes as her only friends, things are going surprisingly well for Archie… until the living return to haunt her.

Wait for it…

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